Friday, July 3, 2015

AMS In the News!

We are on the cover of the Anchorage Press this week!

Thanks to EVERYONE who makes this place all that it is.

AMS Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition Begins

We are happy to welcome the Patagonia Frontiers Alaska Expedition back to join us for a great adventure.  This group of teens will spend three weeks in remote Alaska: hiking, snow school and rafting, in those three weeks they will only cross a road one time.

The team led by AMS instructors John Sykes and Chris Welch will be backpacking in the remote Talkeetna Mountains.  Their route will begin hiking just off of the gravel Denali "Highway" over tundra, forest and taiga to Caribou Pass; where they will then learn mountaineering skills and use those skils to continue travel up and over to Honolulu Pass and down to the Chulitna River.  Once at the river, we will meet them with rafts and they will begin river travel back to Talkeetna.

Gear check and packing rations have been the order of the day.

Instructor Chris Welch gear checks

Preparing food for packing

Instructor John Sykes oversees food packing and asnwers questions.

AMS Denali 6/25 Team Update

AMS 6/25 team led by guide Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Simon Frez- Albrecht checked in yesterday via Rob's delorme in reach.

On July 1, the team made the move to 14,200' camp in white out conditions, making travel go a bit slower. On these days, guides use map and compass, GPS and by feel (via boots) to find the hard packed trail for the most efficient travel.

Yesterday, July 2, they descened to 13,500' to pick up food, fuel and gear the previous cached and burried in a snow hole, they carried these items back up to 14,200', and now they have all of their supplies with them.

Today, July 3, they carried food fuel and equipment to 16,400', this will help them lighten their future pack weight for the move to high camp ( 17,200') , and will help their bodies acclimaitize to the higher elevations in anticipation to their move.  They have returned to 14,200' camp and Rob reports that everyone did well.

Tomorrow, July 4: they will take a well deservered rest at 14,200'.

The team is doing very well and feeling strong.

Direct link to Rob's posts on the AMS Facebook Page:

Back Carry to 13,500' 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

AMS Denali 6/25 team Update

The AMS 6/25 Denali led by Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht team made their cache today and are safe and sound back at 11,000' camp. They had a great day with light snow and no wind as they climbed around Windy Corner. They carried extra food, fuel and equipment to 13,500' where the buried ( aka cached) their items deep in the snow to keep it safe from the weather and the curious and brave ravens.  They made it back in excellent time, 5 hours and 45 minutes. Well done team.

If the weather permits, they will move to 14,200' camp tomorrow.

AMS Team the move to Windy Corner, 12,000' 

AMS just around Windy Corner

At 11,000' camp with the route shown in new snow in midground.

Monday, June 29, 2015

AMS Denali 6/25 Team Update

The 6/25 expedtion led by Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Simon Frez-Albrecht, is doing well. Last night they moved to 11,000' camp in 6 hours and they stopped to pick up their cached food and fuel along the way, they are feeling strong and moving very well.  They have had some snow and light winds and they report that traveling conditions are good. They look forward to moving higher and a working well as a team.

11,000' camp on Denali

Photo courtesy of Paul Roderick: Thunderheads in the Alaska Range 

AMS Custom Denali June 16: Returns!

AMS Custom June 16 Denali team led by Wes Bunch and Jeremiah Phelps has reurned to Talketna!

The team is doing well and are happy to be back in Talkeetna.  They reached a high point of 16,400' and were able to experience the beauty of Denali on the magnificent 16 thousand ridge.

Congratualtions to this hardworking team!

Below are photos from previous AMS expeditions which show you what type of terrain was covered in the past 24 hours.

Evening view looking NorthWest from about 12,000'

AMS team descending from 14,200' camp

AMS Descnding around Windy Corner

Climbers on the Ridge between 16,200' and 17,000' feet

Saturday, June 27, 2015

AMS Denali WB 6/15, Ronczkowski Returns

AMS Custom June 15 Denali expedition led by AMS Guides Noah Ronczkowski, Larry Holmgren and Simon Frez-Albrecht with guest guides Temba Sherpa and Cchering Sherpa, just arrived back at the AMS Headquarters.

Congratulations on a serious job well done!   The team flew to basecamp on June 15, reached the summit June 25 and returned to Talkteetna today. This expedition took 13 days: WOW! They had amazing weather.

Team enjoying orange juice and snacks upon return at AMS HQ

Sorting and drying gear begins!

AMS Guide Noah hanging gear

AMS Denali Team Updates, 6/16 Bunch and 6/25 Gowler

AMS 6/16 Custom Denali with Dr. Jan led by guides Wes Bunch and Jeremiah Phelps checked in from camp at 16,200' this morning.   The Custom Climb is going well. They are moving to high camp, 17,200' today.

2015 AMS Camp at 16K

AMS 6/25 Team led by guides Rob Gowler, Curtis Green and Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy camped at  the 7,800' camp at the base of Ski Hill yesterday.  Rob reports that the team got lots of sleep last night.  They carried a cache of food, fuel and extra clothing higher on the Kahiltna Glacier today.

Rob is checking in daily via Delorme In Reach directly to the AMS facebook page:

Tent set up

Friday, June 26, 2015

AMS Custom Denali WB 6/15, Ronczkowski and Holmgren

AMS Guide Noah Ronczkowski just checked in 14,200 camp.  The team is doing well and are all very happy that the summited.  They plan to be in basecamp tomorrow morning.  We look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

We are proud of the team for their hard work.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 15 AMS Custom Expedtion is on the Summit!

Congratulations to the AMS Custom June 15 Denali expedition led by Noah Ronczkowski and Larry Holmgren with guest guides Temba Sherpa and Cchering Sherpa, this team is currently on the top of North America, 20,320'.

If the weather holds, we expect them to return to Talkeetna on the morning of Saturday, June 27. We look forward to seeign them and hearing thier stories.

AMS on the top of Denali, 20,320'

AMS on Denali's Summit Ridge