Friday, September 21, 2018

Expedition Avilability

We have been enjoying a beautiful fall, lots of sunny days and beautiful fall colors.  AMs staff is also busy enrolling climbers and providing lots of information about the expeditions.  

$8,900, 9 climbers, 3 guides 
May 9–30, 9 spaces
May 12–June 2, 9 spaces
May 16–June 6, 7 spaces 
May 19–June 9, 9 spaces
May 23–June 13, 8 spaces
May 26–June 16, 8 spaces
June 2–23, 7 spaces
June 6–27, 9 spaces
June 9–30, 9 spaces
June 16–July 7, 6 spaces 
June 20–July 11, 9 spaces

$11,500, 4 climbers, 2 guides
May 18–June 8, 4 spaces

Mt. Foraker, Sultana Ridge, 22 days

$11,500, 4 climbers, 2 guides
May 8 - May 29, 4 spaces

Sunset photo by Amanda Erickson

Friday, September 7, 2018


We have beautiful fall weather here in Talkeetna!  Our schedule is released, we have been hearing from lots of climbers.  Unfortunately, our voicemail is not working.  We are working with the phone company to resolve the issue. 

Please email us if you have questions:

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Custom Backpacking, 8/19 Launch

AMS guides Deb Ajango and Aubrey Morrison set off today with longtime participant Roland Beyer who has been coming to enjoy Alaska's wilderness since 1999. The three went via helicopter to the Talkeetna Mountains, Disappointment Creek headwaters vicinity. The blueberries are prime right now and the Caribou are roaming. I am sure they will have a great time exploring the tundra.

AMS guide Deb, Roland, and Aubrey 

AMS guide Deb, Roland, and Aubrey 

Monday, August 6, 2018

AMS Backpack and Packraft Trip, Phelps 8/4

Denali National park backpacking via floatplane 
AMS guides Jeremiah Phelps, Forrest Young-Taft and a team of brothers and friends from the lower 48 are celebrating multiple birthdays (100 years between them all) by flying via floatplane to Backside Lake for some world class backpacking. The students are looking forward to venturing deep into the wilderness that holds high wildlife viewing potential. They move camp daily while tundra hiking with views of the Tokositna and Ruth glaciers, along with the big snowy mountains including Denali. The crew is hoping to score some fishing opportunities on some clear side channels as they travel by packraft along the 55 glaciated river miles back to Talkeetna townsite.

The takeout is located on the riverbanks of Talkeetna, which mean "where the 3 rivers meet". This crew will go from the glaciated source of the river directly back to town. What an awesome adventure!

Backside Lake landing zone. photo by Amanda Erickson
Whales Tail Ridgline, world class backpacking. Photo A. Erickson

Large packs and views of Denali when it is revealed; Photo A.Erickson

Packrafting glaciated rivers back to Talkeetna townsite. Photo A. Erickson

Thursday, July 26, 2018

AMS Glacier Trek 7/26, Kayes

AMS guide Jake Kayes along with Adi and Michael just left for Matanuska Glacier for a 2-day trek. They were excited to be on their way.  Adi and Michael are looking forward to learning roped glacier travel, self-arrest, proper use of an ice axe and setting up ice anchors.  They also hope to do some ice climbing.

Gear check is done

 Packing the backpack
 AMS Guide Jake Kayes, Adi, Michael

Saturday, July 14, 2018

AMS 6 Day Mountaineering Course 7/9 Returns

AMS instructors Chelsea Bomba, Emma Lyddan, Fallon Connolly and students returned from the Pika Glacier.  This team learned about the weather delay first thing.  Weather delayed them from flying for a few days, they had classes here and at the Matanuska Glacier.  They were well prepared to fly to the Pika and practice their new skills.

Sorting gear

Our last table of snacks for climbing season

Thursday, July 12, 2018

12 Day Mountaineering Course 7/1, Kayes Returns

The 12-day Mountaineering Course led by Jake Kayes, Chris Welch, Allen Dahl returned to Talkeetna.  They had a great time in the Pika.  They were treated to all sorts of weather, sunny, rain and snow.

They are busy sorting and hanging gear.  Eating snacks and enjoying the nice summer day.

Gear on the lines

 Gear to be sorted

6 Day Mountaineering Course 7/9, Bomba

AMS Instructors Chelsea Bomba, Emma Lyddan, Fallon Connolly and students just flew to the Pika Glacier. The team is happy to be flying today, they plan to practice the skills they learned at the Matanuska Glacier yesterday.


Ice screws for the V thread

Testing V thread for weight

Instructors Emma and Fallon loading van

Students organizing gear

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Six Day Mountaineering Course, July 9-14, Bomba

The team excited for the course
AMS instructor Chelsea Bomba teaching classes at AMS Headquarters
The Six-day Mountaineering Course just departed for the Matanuska Glacier.  They have been waiting for the weather to clear so they could fly into the range.  They plan to spend the day learning new skills and will return to Talkeetna tonight.  Hopefully, the weather will be flyable tomorow.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

AMS Denali Teams AMS/Mt Professionals and EAZY have returned

June 18 Denali West Buttress AMS; Mt Professionals Expedition led by AMS guides Con Severis, Ryan Waters, and Sammie Ellsworth and Team EAZY led by Josh Hoeschen and Simon Frez-Albrecht are back at AMS headquarters.  

They are enjoying salsa, chips, fresh fruit orange juice and water.  After a short rest  they will be busy sorting gear.


Sorting gear

Drying gear