Saturday, May 26, 2007

2 Expeditions back in Base camp.

Photo: base camp from above.

Kevin and David and Robert link and his crew are back in base camp. There have not been any planes flying in our out of base camp all day due to poor visibility. All of the planes that we use to fly in and out of the mountains are VFR only. Visual Flight Regulations, this means that they have a certain amount of vis in order to fly.

It looks like the weather is lifting around town here and it sounds as if it is doing the same at base camp. There is a chance then that both teams may make it out tonight. If not they will just pitch their tents and wait the weather out at base camp. We have plenty of food and fuel in there just in case.

The next updates about these guys, they will more than likely do themselves from Talkeetna on their own cell phones.


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