Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Christian March, 17K

This is a photo By Brian Okonek of what our gang Led by Christian and Mike were probably doing last night when they were tired and cold and dehydrated: building camp. This is part of what makes climbing Denali so difficult. Having to build camps in crappy weather. Ideally you don't ever have to build camp in bad weather, but it almost never works out that way completely.

Christian got to 17 K last night. It was a nice day for a move in the morning when they left and all the way until they got to the top of "Thumb". As Marchy said "we got smacked by the wind". He reported steady 40 mph with gusts to 60mph.

They are all doing good but tired. That's pretty normal. 14K to 17K is a hard move in any weather and certainly much harder in windy conditions.

It's not too cold out up there right now and there is almost no wind, the visability isn't great.

Marchy says if the weather is splitter (perfect) tomorrow he will go for the summit. If the weather is marginal they will hang. They still have several days to wait out bad weather. If getting rested up is still a top priority it is better to hang in camp for another day unless it is absolutely perfect. Marchy knows when to go and when not to go.

So, all is good up there. They got a little taste of what Denali can dish out when it wants to yesterday. Those are often the things that people remember. We call it the full Denali experience. Anyway, they are no longer experiencing the full meal deal and are just waiting patiently for a window.

I'll keep you posted.


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J Luther Bell said...

For you guys this is where the rubber meets the road. Tony, Ryan and your team mates and of course your guides, we hope the wx cooperates and you can achieve the ultimate - The SUMMIT!!!!!