Monday, May 21, 2007

Current Conditions on Denali from Mark Postle at 14K

Robert said there was a "cap" setting in on top of the mountain. Here is a pic of a "cap" on the mountain.

These lenticular clouds mean that there are high winds aloft. They do not mean that there is bad weather coming in necessarily or anything like that. They just mean that you do not go up towards the summit when they are lingering.

Mark Postle and his crew are holding tight at 14K. He said that the Weather isn't too bad at 14K, but looked a little windy up on the ridge. They are going to hang and get a little more acclimatization at 14K. They are still doing great.

Two members of the May 8th team led by Mark have come down off of the mountain. They had a great trip and were in amazingly high spirits for having just come out from 14K to basecamp in a push. Steve and Michelle Tierney of Anchorage decided to come down a few days ago. Michelle was in a lot of pain from her boots. They wish the team well and are looking forward to rejoining them for a few beers in Anchorage when they get down.

That's all for now. Everyone is doing fine and I'm sure we will here from some of our other crews as soon as they get into celery phone range.



J Luther said...

Continued best wishes to all the climbers of all expeditions. We are especially pulling for the May 15 West B. Expedition, the Christian<>Mike<>Ben team, our son Tony and grandson Ryan are members of that team. We hope they and fellow climbers are having good health, good weather, much strength and lots of fun. We admire each one of you greatly.
J Luther Bell

J Luther said...
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