Saturday, May 19, 2007

Denali May 8- May 28, 14K camp

Photo: Brian Okonek Collection
Mark Postle, the lead guide on this expedition called in last night to report that everybody is doing well. They did a "back carry" to 13,500 feet on Friday. This means that they went to retrieve some food and fuel that they had cached during a carry while the crew was camped out at 11K. A back carry is somewhat of a rest day, but folks are able to get out and excersise getting the blood flowing which aids in acclimatization.

Their plan is to make a carry to the top of the fixed lines or further today. Depending on conditions and energy will determine how far the group is able to cache. I think their plan is to take a rest day tomorrow and then start thinking about making the move to high camp in a couple of days when they have a good weather window.

We have 3 AMS groups up at 14K right now and more coming up behind them as we speak. We will up date more as we get phone calls from the field.


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