Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flying out of Base Camp!

The weather is flyable! There are many many expeditions waiting in basecamp for the quick flight back to Talkeetna. Two of our expeditions that have been waiting for numerous days just arrived here at the office looking like they've visited the Bahama's! Robert Link and Kevin Mahoney's crews are currently unpacking and debriefing, happy and I'm sure looking forward to a nice cush bed, perhaps a burger and brew from a local pub.

Mark Postle's crew has arrived in base camp and awaits the flight to Talkeetna. Since this expedition just arrived there they are lower on the totem pole and will have to wait for other groups ahead of them to fly out first. As soon as this group joins us here in Talkeetna we'll do another post. For now, we'll put out some good fresh fruit (something these guys haven't seen in awhile) and listen to a few stories of life on the mountain!

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Mimi said...

Great job Mark and Sierra!!!!! We're all proud of you both!!!!!!