Thursday, May 31, 2007

Greg Collins giving an update

Denali with a lenticular cloud sitting on top.

Greg's boys are going to head up to 15,900 feet toward the rib and go work on some roped skiing techniques. They have been getting a lot of strong S.E. winds lately. This is the same thing that happened to Kevin And David's Upper Rib trip that forced them on to the Buttress. Greg's gang has not shifted their sites to the Buttress yet. They are not going to commit any material to a high camp on the Upper Rib though. Greg said their crew is strong enough to send it alpine style. That means that they do not stock camps up above and return to lower camps. This means that they go from 14 to a high camp and then up from there.

This is a great option for folks that are in good shape and acclimatized. They were also going to go "mess around" up by Washburn's thumb on the 16 ridge on the Buttress to further acclimatize. Everyone in Greg's crew is doing great.

Jared (" J-Rad") and Chris and crew have arrived at 14K after a long hard day yesterday. They rolled into 14 last night. They had left 11K yesterday morning and ran into strong winds at the top of Motorcycle Hill, just out of camp, and turned around and headed back down to camp only to have the weather get better and so they turned around and headed back up M.C. Hill and on to 14K. So they were pretty tired when they got to camp to say the least. They were planning on doing a back carry today and I assume they will either do a front carry up onto the ridge tomorrow or take a well deserved rest day.

Greg said it has been very cold and windy up high and there was a big ol' lenticular cloud up on the summit right now indicating high winds up there. Greg said he talked with Christian on the radio and his crew is heading down today. High camp is a very hard place to be in the cold and the wind. It doesn't sound like the weather is going to be good up high for a little while anyway.

I'll update more on Marchy's crew if or when I talk to him.


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