Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 15 Denali Departure, Christian March carried to 16,400'

Photo: This is 16,400' where the team has put in their cache

Christian just called in from 16,400', the has team carried some of their food, equipment and fuel to cache for their move to high camp in the next few days. The carry to the the top of the fixed lines is an exciting part of the climb. The terrain gets steeper and more techical. Most people really feel the altitude on this day and this carry really helps them acclimitize well when they make the move to high camp. Christian said the mountain had light clouds at the 15,000' foot level and that it was clear above!

Stay tuned for more info on Christian's team and from the May 8th Denali Departure Mark Postle's group, we expect to be hearing from Mark soon!


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