Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 15 departure at 14K, Christian March, and an upper mountain update.

May 15th departure Lead guide, Christian March

Christian just called in from 14K. He rolled in last night. They ended up hanging out at 11K for an extra day due to high winds. Those decisions to not move up are often hard for some people to understand. Even with waiting out the windiest of weather their crew still made a carry and cache to the corner (Windy Corner) in windy conditions. Despite the name windy corner it is not always windy up there. They made the move yesterday in windy conditions as well. Sometimes you just got to do it. Every one is strong and doing fine and they are very excited to be at 14K.

They were just getting ready to do a back carry when I spoke to him. This means they will be heading down to the corner to pick up food and fuel and whatever else they may have cached there when they did their carry from 11K. Christian said he wants to spend 5 nights at 14K before moving up to 17K. Depending on weather tomorrow they may do a carry up onto the ridge somewhere or take a rest day and carry the next day.

He said the weather right now is "super mellow", light breeze and he said he could see windy corner from camp. That is good news for Robo's crew who were coming into 14 camp about now. Christian's gang got the royal treatment from other AMS guides already at 14 last night. Kevin Mahoney had hot drinks waiting for everyone upon arrival and Mark Postle let them cook up and hang out in his kitchen tent.

Kevin and David decided to move up to 17 today. Being a smaller group and able to move a little faster and lighter they are able to get away with traveling in slightly marginal conditions. Kevin and David will most likely try to summit tomorrow if the WX allows.

Mark's crew is holding tight and hoping to get a little better weather to move up to high camp tomorrow. Their gang still has plenty of days left to make stuff happen and hopefully they will get the weather window they need.

That's all folks.


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