Monday, May 28, 2007

May 23rd, Denali Upper Rib, Greg Collins with an uper mountain teams update.

Photo of Greg, "G Money", "G Dawg", "The Mutant" Collins, in his element.

Greg called in from 14K today. They rolled in to camp today after only 4 days on the mountain. He said it was snowing very lightly, maybe just orographic precipitation and the winds were non-existent. Every one on Greg's crew was psyched to move at a quicker pace than our normal expeditions. Everyone on his trip is feeling really strong and doing great. Greg said the snow is perfect for skiing. They have skied, skinned and ski cramponed their way up to 14 so far roped up at all times. Skiing with ropes, heavy packs, sleds and funky snow conditions is very tough at times. There is only one little 400 vertical foot slope they are able to ski right out of 14 camp with out a rope, otherwise the skiing they are doing is roped up. They plan on doing a quick back carry tomorrow to retrieve their cache at windy corner. Also tomorrow they, perhaps just Greg and Sam, will start heading up towards the Upper Rib to evaluate the route conditions. Greg said he will call in soon with more updates on his team soon.

Greg's team passed Mark Postle's gang today around windy corner while Greg was moving up and Mark was moving down. By now Mark has probably checked in with Jared V.'s group at 11K and has already moved out towards base camp (which is still unflyable at the moment and has been for a few days now by the way).

Jared's plan is to move up to 14K tomorrow, weather permitting.

Christian March moved up to 17K today. Most likely, that means that his group will take a rest day at camp tomorrow and then start looking for weather windows to go for the summit.

If it remains unflyable we will soon have 3 AMS groups in base camp waiting to fly out. It is first come first serve as far as getting out of there. I believe Robert is probably at the very top of the list since one of his team members already made it out (Solveigh) and Kevin and David I bet are near the top of the list as well. Once it gets flyable though, a couple of rounds with all of Paul's planes will clear out base camp and Lisa the base camp manager won't have anyone to hangout with anymore.

That's all for now. Hopefully the weather gets a little nicer and our teams can make it out of Base camp tonight.


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