Monday, May 21, 2007

May 2nd Denali Departure, Mountain Link, 16,400

Okonek photo of a camp at 16,200'

Just talked to Robert Link a few minutes ago. He and Solveigh headed up from 14K yesterday in perfect weather with the 4 remaining team members. They put in a camp at 16,200 at the top of the fixed lines. Tomorrow is their official out date. That doesn't mean much though. All that really means for this crew is that they might be running a little light on food and fuel. Luckily other teams have left them plenty of food and fuel at the next camp up, 17,200'. All of the team is doing well, and still very motivated to keep going.

Robert said that hanging out at 14k this past week has been like being at the beach it was so warm. They are dug in at 16.2 camp now, but are planning on sitting tight until the winds die down a bit. From where they are now on the ridge they are close enough to potentially be able to make a run for the summit the following day after reaching high camp.

This is all old hat for Robert. He has spent as much time on this mountain as anybody up there these days. The winds weren't too strong where they were but were a little stronger higher up. This is one advantage of all the updates in communications over the years, is the ability to find out current conditions almost anywhere on the mountain with the click of a button.

So that's the word from Robert. He is extending the length of his trip as it stands right now to give those that want to continue and don't have to be back for anything the chance. If anyone needs to get down for prior commitments he will be able to make arrangements from up there to accommodate them.

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