Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 8 Denali Departure, Mark Postle, 14,200'

Photo: Climber's on the 16K ridge heading to high camp

Lead guide, Mark Postle just called in from the 14,200' camp where the team is taking a well deserved rest day. It is very beautiful day up there today, everyone is enjoying the warm temperatures, sunshine and commroderie. Yesterday they carried some of their equipment, food and fuel to the top of the fixed lines at 16,200'. It was a bit windy and there were many other people on the fixed lines, this slowed their pace a bit, so they decided to put their cache of gear at the top of the lines rather than further up the ridge. He said everyone did well on the carry and is in good spirits. They are looking forwrd to their move up to high camp at 17,200' tomorrow.

The move to 17,200 is one of the most beautiful days of travel on the mountain, once they reach the top of the fixed lines they will climb along the ridge, moving around big boulders and looking down at the mountain world below. They will be moving slowly, coordinating their steps with their breathing and when they arrive a 17,200' they will be happy to be there. They will put up their tents and the guides will soon have hot drinks, soup and a hot dinner ready to eat! The team will settle in and hope for a good nights rest!


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