Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 8 Departure, Mark Postle's Team at 17,200'

Photo: Taking in the view from Denali's West Buttress High Camp at 17,200'

We got a message from Mark last night, the team made it to High Camp at 17,200'! He said that the weather was good and the team worked hard getting to camp, which is expected! Once they arrived in camp they decided on a good place to camp, set up their tents, reinforced snow walls, drank hot drinks, ate dinner and enjoyed getting settled into their new camp. By 9 pm the team was all "dug in" for the night. If the weather is good they will try for the summit today, but so far we don't have a weather report, so I'm not sure if they are resting or going for it today. Mark siad he would call in later today so stay tuned!


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