Monday, May 28, 2007

Update from Jared's Expedition: Windy Corner

Climbers Heading down around Windy Corner.

I just heard from Jared Vilhauer's expedition, departure date on May 22nd. The group was able to make it to Windy Corner at 13,500 feet for a cache of gear and supplies. They're on their way back down to the 11,000' camp and will spend the rest of the day there. Their plan is to either move to 14,200' camp tomorrow or use it as a rest day to recuperate. Everyone is doing great and enjoying the climb. They all send their best wishes and greetings to their loved ones. We should hear another update from them in a few days.
Until then!


Jane said...

We are following your progress with great interest and want you all to know that we are with you every step of the way. We admire your courage and commitment. Stay strong. Thanks also for providing the opportunity to follow the progress of Jared's group and the other groups as well. It really is fantastic to get news of what is happening so far away!

Ann said...

I'm glad to know that all is well. Thanks again for the posts.

Ann (in Australia)