Saturday, May 19, 2007

Upper West Rib, Kevin and David

Photo: looking up at the Upper Rib from 14K on a super windy day.

Just got a call this morning from Kevin. They were at 14K camp chillin drinking some coffee and hanging out with some other New Hampshirites. Kevin and David have single carried all the way to 14, which let me tell you is no easy feat. They broke trail yesterday from camp at 11,200 feet up motorcycle hill until they ran into other climbers coming down the mountain at around 12,500 feet. They still made it in about 8 hours. By making this move in 8 hours means that they are both very strong.

!4 K camp is considered by all climbers and National Park Service to be a safe camp as far as crevasses go, so they are now able to walk around freely withoiut being tied into the rope. Kevin and David had moved into the first available campsite that they found last night, brewed up, ate dinner and basically went to bed, quite tired I would imagine. They are going to go scope for a better camp this morning amongst the vacated camps in the 14 K climber city.

They are both feeling strong, and plan on resting for 2 days at 14 to acclimitize. They are going to start stocking their upper camp or camps at 16+ thousand feet on the Upper Rib in a couple of days.

As soon as we get another call from Kevin we will update you.

Cheers, Rob

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