Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tork at 17,200' - High Camp

Climbers building camp at 17K. Brian Okonek photo.

Tork and crew are installed at highcamp and EVERYBODY is doing really good. They made it up there in 9 1/2 hours, which is very respectable.

He said the weather looks good and the report the weather service is giving backs it up. Their plan right now is to take a rest day and go for the summit on Friday if the weather holds.

That's all he had to report.

Greg and Sam's team are all off the glacier. As of right now Greg and Sam are still stuck at base camp. There is 55 other people waiting to be picked up from Base camp too, so our air service, Talkeetna Air Taxi, will launch the fleet if and when they can and pick up all the base camp dwellers.

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