Saturday, June 16, 2007

A quick update from Mark Postle at High camp.

Since Postle's group did so good getting to high camp I thought I'd give a brief update.

They made it to high camp in 6 1/4 hours! That is almost unheard of. Mark said his pack weight was half what it normally is (I seriously doubt that), but everyone probably did have lighter packs than normal.

No one is overly tired and if the weather is absolutely perfect they will consider going for the summit tomorrow, otherwise they will rest. I understand where he is coming from. Some years you don't get all that many summit windows and you have to take advantages of the ones you do get.

Mark said High camp is a ghost town right now. There were only 4 other tents there when he moved in. They are just chillin and brewing up right now. He said the weatther report sounded a bit dubious but for those of you (if any) who have been following this blog, you'll have already heard my opinion about the weather reports, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

That's it. Those guys are doing awesome and MArk sounded confident. He said he'd call me tomorrow regardless, yeah right, I've heard that before.



Mark said...

How is your ankle? What did the CBC show?
Ask Mark to get his pulse ox when he is climbing pig hill and then on the summit. The pulmonologists I work with are VERY VERY interested in what someone who is fit and aclimmatized has for PO's. hopefully he will remember,as the docs have asked me a few times already.

Todd said...

Mark Postle, don't let John Quillen pull that "We need to all hug/sleep together to conserveve body heat bull crap" Lord knows that some have fallen for that one more than once! Make sure he's safe, his momma is thinking of him. Glad to see y'all kickin ass!