Friday, June 15, 2007

Kahiltna Dome Expedition Update

One of the many views from base camp, The Moonfloiwer Buttress on the North face of Mt. Hunter.

Everybody headed up to climb Kahiltna Dome last night. They left camp at about 10:00 PM, this time of year at those elevations we climb and travel at night to make use of the freezing temperatures making the climbing conditions more favorable.

The group ended up turning around at about midnight due to poor avalanche conditions. They made a very wise decision. I think people sometimes learn more about hazard evaluation and etc. from turning around as they do from reaching the summit never having encountered danger.

Earlier in the season there were two climbers killed in an avalanche on a private expedition in a different area of the range. Tim and Lindsay are both very conservative and very knowledgeable about the snowpack and know when to say when.

Their plan is to head back to base camp and do some more classes back there. They should be there by now as this message was left last night at about 7:15 PM. They were going to go from 9,800 foot camp to base camp at 7,200'. Obviously that is mostly down hill but they have to go up the seemingly never ending heartbreak hill to get into base camp.

We won't hear from them until they get out from the mountains. 9,800' camp is the last place they will get cell reception.


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