Monday, June 18, 2007

June 12th Denali, West Buttress Expedition

Finally a post about the June 12th Denali expedition; sorry for the tardiness! For those of you wondering, Marchy & Leighan's group was weathered in Talkeetna until the 14th. They got into basecamp that morning bright and early. They had made an attempt into the range on the evening of the 13th but cloud's socked in basecamp before they got there preventing the plane from landing.

The last few days have been amazing however! Practically not a cloud in the sky with just a slight breeze. Ideal! According to this groups itinerary, they should be at 11,000' camp and carrying to 13,500', at Windy Corner soon. We typically don't receive any calls from groups until they reach approximately 14,000' due to cell reception and weather so hopefully we'll get a call soon. When we do you can expect another posting.
Until then!

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