Saturday, June 23, 2007

A few different updates.

Marchy is waiting out marginal weather and teaching classes at 14K. Nothing new up there.

Louis called in from somewhere around the 9,500' area. They are doing great and plan on carrying up to 11K tomorrow and moving up to 11K the following day. They are hanging out in a bit of a snow storm. That particular area is notorious for snow squalls. A lot of the weather gets funnelled over from the North through Kahiltna pass, just above the where Louis and Bayard's crew is right now. All is good.

Louis ran into Nate, Mike, Zoltan and Krizstina today and they were heading up to camp at 11K. He said they were all doing well. there is zero cell reception from 11K so we most likely will not here from Nate and mike until they roll into 14K.

Melis and the rest of the team, I heard through the grapevine were waiting at the bottom of ski hill until tonight when it gets colder and then they will travel across the lower glacier to base camp. There is no cell reception at the bottom of ski hill (7,800' camp). We expect them to roll into base camp early tomorrow morning and to hopefully see them tomorrow as long as it is flyable.

That's all I got right now. Sounds like all is well for everybody up there right now and we'll update all of you when we know more.


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