Wednesday, June 6, 2007

June 5, West Buttress Departure

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Talkeetna! A great day to start an expedition! Mark Postle and Josh Hoeschen, along with John Davis, Neil Murphy, Jared McFaddin, Dan Walters, John Quillen, and Erik Jansen's expedition started without any hitches and were able to fly to basecamp around 4:30 pm. According to their itinerary they should be practicing and reviewing glacier travel and crevasse rescue today at basecamp, in preparation for the haul up the mountain. I'm sure they're all working on their racoon tans as today is another practically cloudless day.

They'll start to move tomorrow on their way from basecamp (7200') to 7800'. It'll be hit and miss on communication until they reach 14,000' due to cell reception but we do hear from other groups coming off the mountain. We'll update the blog as soon as we hear anything. Until then!


Hervé said...

Go Mark Go !

You can do it again !

Todd said...

Tell John Quillen not to eat the yellow snow!

The Edge said...

John likes the yellow snow.

Pressure breathe John. Good luck everbody and take care of each other up there. No rest for the weary.