Saturday, June 9, 2007

Kahiltna Dome June 8 departure, Tim Hewette

The 2007 AMS Kahiltna Dome Expedition: Guides; Tim Hewette and Lindsay Howk, and climbers; Drew Tegeler, Daniel Wuestenberg, Brian Fry, Jesse Tanner and Aaron Millner were packed and ready for their scheduled departure on June 7th, but the air taxi said it would be better to wait until the weather cleared a bit. It cleared a bit in the later evening, but still not quite good enough to fly.

The first thing on the moring of the 8th, the weather cleared and they flew in! I am sure they didn't miss a beat once they landed on the South East Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier. The field reports tell us that the weather is glorious on the Kahiltna Glaicer today.

We probably won't get too many updates from this team, as cell phone reception is spotty for most of the way to the Dome. You can rest assured that we will update you if we hear from them!


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