Friday, June 22, 2007

Marchy (A.K.A.) The Appalachian Mountain Samurai.

The Myth, the Man, The Legend. Christian March

Not much more to report. They're resting today. He said the weather looks like it is changing a bit. The winds are picking up higher up on the mountain. What does this mean for our June 12 Denali folks? Who knows? The weather can change very quickly up there. Sometimes, storms last for days and sometimes storms last for hours.

Melis and Kirby are still chillin in 14 as of a 1/2 hour ago. Supposedly it's raining on the lower glacier and they are going to try to avoid that. They are in no hurry and may or may not leave the comforts of 14 camp.

Later, Rob


Dan said...

Bob .. no worries .. Joe DiNardo from Weather 4 says that stuff is just anomalous ground propagation. The forecast is 'partly cloudy' n'nat

Sunnie said...

Does anyone have the blog website for andy arnett? I was told that he has a site that's also tracking the Marchie climb. The Buckeye Gang would love to view their progress!

Thank You! :)

Beau said...

Yo Mike,
Your Buddhist bud's in Birmingham is sending good thoughts.
Good luck

Beau said...

Yo Mike,
All 3 boys are yelling yeah Mikey!

MJBellamy said...

Mike, mom and I are sending strong mojo what is elevation and push for summit MJB