Saturday, June 2, 2007

May 29 West Buttress Departure, Tom Torkelson

"Tork's" group at the Ranger Station in Talkeetna the day the flew in.

Lead Guide Tom Torkelson phoned in from the 9,700' foot camp today and said that the whole group is doing really well! They will be moving up to the 11K camp tommorrow. They plan to stay at the 11K camp for 4 nights to acclimatize, during the days they will go to pick up some gear they have cached lower on the mountain, take some well deserved rest, and carry their food, fuel and equipment further up the mountain. They said to say hello to all friends and family and they sounded like they were all strong and having a super time out there. The weather today is beautiful, sunny and no wind.

We probably won't hear from them until they get to the 14,200' camp on June 7th or 8th, because the cell phone reception is poor at the 11K camp. But when they carry to Windy Corner in a few days they may get in touch from there. Whenever they call in we will keep you posted!


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