Saturday, June 9, 2007

Melis and Kirby's team.

Here is a picture by Brian Okonek of camp at 9,700' where the Kahn clan will be sleeping tomorrow night, weather permitting.

I just listened to a message from Melis about ten times to try to hear it all.

The only thing I could hear for sure was that they were making a carry up towards the top of ski hill and they were doing great.

She said the weather is and has been nice where are but looks not so good above 11K. They will be returning back to sleep at 7,800' camp and hopefully moving to 9,700' tomorrow.

The rest of the message was just some chit chatting small talk that I could not make a word out of.

Melis and Kirby both are very fun and extremely patient and conservative, and while her folks were a bit nervous starting out, I'm betting they are a lot more relaxed now. Climbing Denali is a one day at a time mountain and it is understandable how people cam get overwhelmed, especially after seeing all the intimidating photos posted up all over town, in the restaurants, cafes, ranger station and National Park Service climber briefing, everybody, including guided groups must attend.

That's all for now, Melis sounded like her regular happy self.


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Nancy Kahn said...

Joe, Ed, Bry and Samuel ---and Melis and Kirby. Hope weather allows for you to keep on going. We all are missing you and pushing for you. Nancy and Becky and many of your Wellesley fans.