Friday, June 29, 2007

A small update from Louis

Photo: Louis Saas

Louis is hoping to carry up onto the Ridge tomorrow. The weather seems like it is going to remain good enough to make a carry. Everyone is still having a good time up there. From Talkeetna, today, it sure looked like a nice day up there, despite the winds up high.

That's all the info I have for now. I'm sure we'll hear more from others soon.

Mike Hamill and Elliot Gaddy are heading in tomorrow for one of our last departures for the season, as is Melis Coady, Todd Tumolo and Larry Holmgren.

Both of these crews are finalizing their packing today and making adjustments to food and fuel loads based on all the updates from the mountain on how much food and fuel other groups were able to leave for them. One of the perks of a late season trip: a little lighter.

We'll let you know as soon as we know more.



marinda said...

hey, i'm marinda, jason's sister. can you let me know how he's doing? i think he was starting his trip tomorrow, weather permitting. thanks, m.

Alaska Mountaineering School and Denali Guiding said...

HI Miranda,

Jason was doing very well here in Talkeetna the day he left, Saturday, June 30. He is part of a great team! We'll keep the blog posted when we hear from them. Feel free to contact us directly anytime.