Saturday, June 16, 2007

Team Kahn June 6 Denali Update

Team Kahn, the June 6 Denali departure's, lead guide Melis Coady phoned in at 10 pm Friday night, June 15th. She said that they were enjoying the awesome weather on Denali and their plan is to carry food, fuel, and extra equipment up to 16,200' today, they are all doing very well!

She relayed messages from the team:

From Ed:
To Hana: " I love you, I wish you were here."
To Alica and Alesandro: "It's a little colder here but you would still love it."
To Rachael and Erik: "It's like nothing you have ever seen."

From Joe:
To Nancy: " I love you and Becky good luck at camp."

From Samuel:
To Mom: " I had a great birthday party, I had ice cream that rivals Dad's."

From Brian:
To Mom, Becky and Maggie: " Life is good at fourteen thousand feet, my backpack weighs more than both of you."

I am sure we will be getting more updates from Melis, Kirby and the guys in the near furutre!


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Nancy Kahn said...

Joe and Bryan --I miss both of you so much. I hope you are enjoying everything. Beck is off at camp. Kinda quiet. Can't wait to have you both home. Love to Bamuels and Eddie. You are getting up there. Nancy aka mom