Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Most guides are just a little funny looking, see... This is Mark Postle about two days after his last summit, only a few weeks ago.

Postle called in from the top AGAIN. Every one of his folks made the top. I think he also said they were wearing t-shirts.

All was casual and they will, hang out up there for awhile and head back down to 17 in a bit.

If any of you want to click the link to the south side webcam on the side of this Blog, you'll see they do not have any weather to worry about what so ever.

Today's summit day is one of those days you might describe as the best of the best. Some people might say that about Postle too "the best of the best"), and if they don't say that, I'm sure at least they say he's a darn nice guy (and funny looking).

He also said that Melis was moving up to 17 today. She might even be going for the summit tomorrow. That's all I know there.

Louis and Bayard's trip made it into base camp this afternoon and are planning on doing classes tomorrow in camp and then heading out.

Nate Opp and Mike Jane's also made it in to base camp and will be moving out tonight. They are with Zoltan and Krizstina from Hungary.



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