Monday, June 11, 2007

Update from Kahn & Postles Crew's

We recently had a call from Melis and the Kahn crew. They're sitting pretty at 11,000 feet and today will do a back carry to 9,700 feet to pick up more supplies. They're planning to take a rest day tomorrow and do some skills and class reviews before heading further up on the mountain. Everyone is doing well, strong, and according to Melis "still family". We most likely won't hear from them until they reach 14,000 feet which may be a few days. As a note to family, the Kahn's cell phones do not work on the mountain.

In other news... Postle's crew is making their way to cache at 13,500 feet today and should be heading back to 11,000 feet tonight. Everyone in this expedition is also doing well and enjoying the climb, especially after an amazing day yesterday... the weather was phenomenal!
Until the next post!

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