Monday, June 18, 2007

Update from Marchy's Group

Climber's at 12,000 feet of Denali's West Buttress route.

Christian (aka "Marchy") called in from Kahiltna Pass at 9700'. Cell reception is really good due to the clear weather. Today the group is picking up their cache as they move to 11,200' camp; a little behind on schedule due to the weather days at the beginning but nothing significant. Everyone is doing great and really strong. They're enjoying the day and celebrating Chris Wood's 21st birthday! What a great way to do it Chris!

A few messages:
Big shout out to everyone at AMH!
Much love to the brunette beauty!

And the newest verse from Marchy...
"From Haites to heaven
8 Souls take their ride
Sure enough, climb with
in that they take pride"

If the weather stays good tomorrow they'll be moving to Windy Corner at 13,500'.
Good luck guys!


Dan said...

Go Bob Go !!!

from Sam's Dad

erin nash said...


We're with you every step of the way and love to read about your progress. Stay cool. Ha ha.

Mom and Erin

Sunnie said...

"Go Team Wood"

Your Buckeye Fans are with you in Spirit every step of the way! May the wind be at your back!!

Bear Hugs :)

Bonnie Leal said...

Hey Mike,

Neither of us has missed a word.

Love you,

Shioban and Bonnie