Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Big Mountain Updates

Nate and Mike called yesterday with news from their group. Looks like they're making the difficult choice to descend today. Both Zoltan and Krisztina have flights to catch and they're planning on making them. They'll be pulling their cache from 16,200' and we should see them in a few days.

Melis called this morning. Everyone is doing great and making a cache at 10,000'. Their plan is to move to 11,000' tomorrow. Today is overcast and rainy here in Talkeetna, but Melis said there's nothing but blue skies right now where they're at. There's a few birthdays happening... the assistant guide, Todd Tumolo is having a birthday tomorrow on the 4th of July on the highest mountain of North America! Jason has a message to send out also... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEO"! The last news from this group; Larry has made a friend with a bird on the Kahiltna Glacier. They're not sure what type, but Larry's catching fly's and feeding the little guy who is sitting on his shoulder. Not sure if the bird should be up there, might've gotten lost, but Melis said it was happy and nice and fat yesterday!

Melis also passed on news about Mike Hamill's group. They're currently at 11,000' and most likely planning a move to 14,000' tomorrow. Everyones extremely strong and they've been making a few single carries up the mountain.
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jean said...

Todd -- Happy Birthday from all of your family at the beach, one of the lowest points of North America! Have a great time at the highest spot of North America! the trip looks fantastic! Have fun, love ya! Mom, Andy, Ben, Nicole, Renee, Derek (mexico), Caroline (italy), Val(Boston), Eugene, Aunt Kath, John, Matilda,Charlie.......

marinda said...

hey jason, 'great to hear you're all doing well. and thanks for the cyber birthday greetings for cleo. she's planning to take her first real steps tomorrow... she's got big shoes to fill if she plans to keep up with you, so she better not fall behind now. xo, marinda & rene.

Liquid said...

Very interesting blog you have! I'll be back, soon! :)