Monday, July 16, 2007

Jason to return to Talkeetna

Melis called in this morning with the news that their team will start descending from 14,200' camp tonight due to the high avalanche danger at Denali Pass. They still have to climb to high camp at around 17K' to retrieve the gear and food which was carried up there previously. It's always unfortunate news when trips have to descend early but this is one of the few aspects of climbing in the Alaska Range... the unpredictable weather and conditions. The up side is that the last few days have been amazing. The entire range is visible from Talkeetna with practically no clouds! What a way to end the climb.


marinda said...

hey jason. we're just glad you're safe and sound. party at 21A when you get home. love, rene & marinda.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, Don't worry man! It's not always about the summit. There's always next time. Wish I was there to and looking forward to seeing my bitch!