Saturday, July 7, 2007

Life inside of a ping pong ball.

Life inside of a ping pong ball is how guides often describe being in a whiteout.

Mike and crew are in a white out right now up at 14. There is no wind though, so they're not stuck in a gnarly storm or anything. I'm actually not sure if it's snowing real hard or if they're just inside a cloud.

He said his crew is super strong and psyched. They have carried up onto the 16 ridge already and are just waiting for good enough weather to move up to high camp.

Mike said that Melis had just rolled into camp, but he had not had time to talk to her yet. I'm sure we'll hear from her soon.



marinda said...

please tell jason his fans in spain are cheering him on. xo, m.

RogerB said...
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RogerB said...

Please have Mike Hamill ask Jaroslaw if he brought his paisley velour pants to wear on summit day . . .