Sunday, July 1, 2007

Louis Louis

Louis's gang is resting today. They made a a carry up to the top of the fixed lines yesterday. All is good up there. They are planning on heading up to highcamp tomorrow if the weather is nice. If the weather is marginal they will hang out and try it the next day.

It's foggy and cloudy today up at 14 with light snow. One of our guides called down from 17 today and said it was windy up there and they were sitting tight. Sounds like perfect rest day weather.

Part of Marchy's team made it out this morning. Leighan made it out with the Bob, Mike, Bill and Chris. Hopefully Christian and the rest of 'em will be out later. The weather is kind of junky right now in Talkeetna, but is nice at basecamp. We just need it to lift a little here.

Best of luck.


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