Sunday, July 8, 2007

Melis and crew at 14,200'

Melis, pulling down in Croatia.

Melis called in and she tells us that everything is GREAT with them at 14,200' and they have a 100 days of food and fuel. So, they won't be lacking hot water and hot meals. I can just imagine the amazing hot lunches they are making, hot soup and quesadillas anyone? It is still a ping pong ball up there, they are sitting in a cloud that is just hanging out with them at that elevation. It is clear above them at high camp but it it STILL very windy up higher.

And just so you all know, I am able to give Melis the messages/comments that you are leaving here for Jason, Todd and Larry. Have a good day!


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marinda said...

jason, hey, 'glad all continues to go well. tapas weren't the same without you. we're back in the holland eating stompot though, so enjoy the good camp food. xo, m.