Friday, July 13, 2007

Mike Hamill, homeward bound

Mike, Elliot and the boys are leaving 14K tonight to head back to basecamp. They sat it out up there at high camp for 5 days, but didn't get a window. That's the way it works sometimes.

Hamill hasn't not made it to the top for a long time.

Melis is still hangin in up there. She's sticking it out with Dave Hahn and his group. They are still planning on heading up when they get a good break in the weather. They still have lots of time. I did not talk to her today though.

We have a 12 day mountaineering course hoping to get in early tomorrow, so if all goes well Hammy and crew will get to come out first thing in the morning on the plane that the course went in on.

Now you know as much as I do.


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marinda said...

hey jason, we really hope you get a break in the weather. we're all here in nyc rooting for you. we'll be ready to break open the champaign when you get back... and you can use the elevator instead of the stairs. xo, m.