Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mike Hamill resting at 17,200'

Mike Hamill just phoned in and reports that everyone is feeling great at 17,200' (high camp) today. He said the weather was good at high camp right now. Mike and the team took a rest day today and have been assessing the snow conditions for their summit attempt. During the recent storm system, the normal route up to Denali pass received a lot of wind deposited snow and there is evidence of avalanches on the route making it unstable for travel right now. The alternate way up is a more direct route through some rocky areas. They have lots of time, so they will wait to see what happens with conditions and the weather. They are sitting pretty and ready for good weather and conditions.

- Roger, The comment about Jaro's pants made Mike laugh, he'll pass on the message.

Mike said he thought Melis and the team would make their way to high camp tomorrow.

Let's hope that a nice, big high pressure system is in their future!

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marinda said...

jason, good news about your leg. how about strolling in holland for your next vacation? we love you. xo, m.

dotty and david said...

todd, sent you a text message for your birthday ...did not realize it would expire....(remember we are old)
thinking about you....dotty and david...