Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our last two teams for the 2007 season

Todd, Jason, Larry and Melis at the airstrip

We thought they might not get in last night but the weather lifted and both Melis and Mike Hamill's team made it in. Melis, I believe is still in base camp doing classes and will be getting ready to move out and get totally onto a night schedule. They will all travel at night during the coldest part of the day. They will be doing this all the way up to 14 camp presumably.

Elliot Gaddy and the boyz, Mike Hamill not in photo.

Hamill's team should be at the bottom of ski hill right now. They passed Marchy and Leighan at the bottom of heartbreak hill early this morning. Leighan said the glacier wasn't too bad. It froze last night or came pretty darn close.

We'll hear from both of these teams in another day or 2 perhaps when they get cell reception.

That's all for now.



EMALMADA said...

hello from Almada - Portugal
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marinda said...

great to hear all's going well. what a good looking team! m.