Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update from Melis

Melis is planning to move to 14 K today and all is well with them.

Yesterday, they carried to 13,500' in a snow storm, there was so much snow they used snowshoes all the way to windy corner, they said the conditions were great. Todd's birthday on the 4th was super they had pizza, ice cream and fireworks all thanks to Melis, I think she gets the ice cream maker award this season! Larry contiues to be the bird whisperer of the Kahiltna Glacier.

They all say " What's up cuz" to Robby G. (yes that's you, Rob)

Jason says " Hi to all his bitches back home." He said that message didn't need to be edited for the blog...


Alex said...

Jason, summit that big boy already, also I need you to come back alive for the "bitches" party.


baconsnake said...

Happy Birthday Todd!
Love Kathy, John, Matilda & Charlie
be safe!