Saturday, July 7, 2007

Update from Mike Hamill and Louis Sass Teams

All is well on Denali here are some updates for everyone, sorry for the delay!

- Mike Hamill is at 14K all is well with them. They are resting there today.

- Louis and Bayard's team are back in Talkeetna. Welcome Back!!! The team continued to see very high winds up high so they descended from 14K on Thursday night. They had to wait a basecamp all day before the weather was good enough to fly out. All except Louis flew out last night, when the weather closed in, leaving Louis to spend another night on the glacier. No worries though, he came out this morning and is chatting with the team, completing paperwork, packing up gear and generally enjoying the green of Talkeetna's summer! Denali and Sam had a good rest in the AMS tents and LOVED their hot showers this morning.

All for now,

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