Saturday, May 10, 2008

12 day advanced Mountaineering Course

This is a past student on top of a climb in Little Switzerland.

Jed Workman called in with an update. The weather is "splitter" in the range today. Splitter is a good thing. Desert climbers use this term frequently. It references the the perfection of the cracks that form in the windgate sandstone in the colorado plateau. A splitter crack is one that is close to being parallel from start to finish. Splitters are good, so good weather is "splitter".

They have been cranking out skills classes out there on the Pika glacier, also known as Little Switzerland. They have climbed a peak called Big Arrapalise and a nice couloir on the East face of the throne. They have been doing lots of crevasse rescue and self arrest practice to name a couple of the classes.

They are about to move their camp down glacier and do some ice climbing in and around the icefall at the base of Italy's Boot. Jed also mentioned doing a circumnavigation route which may take them out onto the the Kahiltna Glacier for part of the route.

Here's a photo one of our instructors, Mike Wood, took of a crew practicing crevasse rescue.

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