Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 updates.

Seth (pictured here) called in from the Eldridge on the 6 day Mountaineering Course. They were in a some not so good weather. It wasn't quite a white out. It was good enough to get out climbing/cruising around though. They are due out tomorrow.

Dave, Matt and Nate dog

Nate Opp called in from The Tokasitna Glacier. They have received 8+ inches over the last few days. They climbed to the top of the couloir and came back down. Sounded like some weather was moving in on them and they decided to rappel back down. Their high point so far is the junction of the West Face Couloir and the Harvard Ridge.

Nate said they are going to sit tight and try it again. They are hoping that it will stop snowing and they can head back up. They haven't been in too long. I'm guessing that they got off the plane set up their tents and started heading up. No messing around. That's how you have to do it sometimes in the mountains. You move and climb when you can and sleep when you're done.

Where you can see the person in the middle of the photo is about where they made it too I presume. This photo should be credited, but I can't remember who took it. Who ever took it summitted last season.

And last but not least, Melis, Elliot and Joey flew in for Kahiltna Base Camp. They all looked good. They were excited to get underway. Some of the climbers were veterans of attempting Denali, others were first timers. This trip had several local Alaskans. Melis is the far left person in the photo. Elliot, another of the guides is on the left side of the sign and Joey the third guide is on the right side of the sign. Yesterday was Melis's Birthday. later


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Kelly Mendez said...

What a photogenic group!

Logan and I made it home to Fairbanks safe and sound. All is well here. We are thinking of you and missing you. Have fun and take pictures!
Love, Kelly