Thursday, May 8, 2008

Camp 2 Foraker

Camp 2 is about 2/3-3/4 of the way up the mountain (Crosson) in the foreground. Camp 3 will be at the summit of Mt. Crosson

Greg "G Double" Collins called in this evening from camp 2 on Crosson. 10,400 feet. He said they are all wicked strong and things couldn't be better. He also said they are loving this low pressure that they are having right now. It has been super calm. They are planning to back carry some supplies tomorrow from Camp 1 and then make the move to the top of Crosson.

Greg said it has been warm at the lower elevations so they have been traveling on a night schedule to utilize the colder night temps for climbing and sleeping during the warmer day time temperatures. Moving on a night schedule is quite common up here in AK. They are ahead of schedule at this point. That's it for now.


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kmstier said...

Great news that the weather is so awesome. And, a great start to boot.It made me smile to read this early this morning. Fingers and toes crossed that this time is the charm. Thanks for keeping us posted.