Saturday, May 10, 2008


Brian Okonek photo of some climbers building some nice snow walls. This is what the Foraker guys are doing right now.

Greg called in from the Summit of Crosson tonight. They are all doing good. They are a bit tired from lots of hard days everyday. He said he was off to go build some walls around the camp. At all exposed camps in the big mountains we build giant thick snow wall to protect the tents from the winds. They are hoping to back carry the rest of their belongings up to their camp on the cumbre, aka the acme, aka the zenith, aka the pinnacle of Mt. Crosson.

Greg thought Tork was camped at 9,800' camp and Kremer was probably at 14K. Like I said earlier, some guides call in frequently and others don't.

Nate Opp got in to the Tokasitna Glacier with Matt Steenberg and Dave Kotch. They are looking to climb a route on Mt. Huntington. Most likely the West Face Couloir. Nate climbed the famous and seldom repeated French Ridge in an incredible 26 hour push a few years ago. Those guys were really excited. They have 12 days.

This picture is the backside of Mt. Huntington. Taken from Pk. 11,300. The French Ridge is the right hand skyline.

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Anya said...
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Anya said...

HI. So I know you say that some guides call in and other guides just don't. But, if there is a chance that you do talk to Tork, can you please tell him that Christian's girlfriend is curious how they're doing? And if someone could tell Christian that Anya misses him. Thanks!!