Sunday, May 11, 2008


I took this photo of Foraker the day before yesterday. Probably the day these guys were moving up to Summit camp or moving up to camp 2. This is the view that we have from town everytime we walk over the tracks.

Greg, Matt, Craig, Mark and Ken made it back down to their last camp today and retrieved supplies. They have everything they need now at the Crosson summit camp. He said they will most likely rest tomorrow and the next day at this camp.

Every one did super good today in very challenging conditions. Greg said they are very well stocked and he plans on staying there for a long time if need be. "G Double" emphasized how well everyone did on this windy and cold back carry day. This is the highest elevation camp they will have on this expedition. Greg and Matt wanted to take advantage of the elevation of Crosson for acclimatization reasons.

Bob, if you're checking in on our mutual friend Craig, I wish you could have been up their with them. Craig mentioned something about wanting to go and try the Polish direct on Aconcagua next season. Maybe I'll see you for that trip.

And Seth called in from the Eldridge Glacier today. He said time was flying by on the 6 day Mountaineering Course. They had already bagged a peak and everything. All is good out there. I didn't ask, but I am almost positive that they have the place all to themselves.


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kmstier said...

Sounds like the weather has turned a bit. Windy, windy, windy. Got flowers from Mark at work today. Send him a huge XO