Friday, May 30, 2008

Greg Collins, Windy Corner

Uuber guide, Greg Collins.

Greg called in from Windy corner this afternoon. "Zero wind." "Completely splitter weather." Absolutely perfect weather up high he reported.

Everyone in the group is doing really well. He told me to tell somebody's wife that they love them. I didn't write the name down though, oops. They probably all send their love to their wives though if they have one.

From left to right, Kirby, Jon, Nate and Moises.

They flew into base camp this afternoon. Jon and Moises are super cool. They met last year on an AMS 12 day Mountaineering course and have kept in touch and are doing Denali together this trip. They both have great attitudes and are hoping to learn as much as they can from the guides. On most all of our guided expeditions the guides do all of the cooking and snow melting. They have already expressed the desire to do some of the cooking. It'll be a guided expedition in many ways but I think it'll be more like four buddies out climbing Denali. Or at least that's my guess, we'll see what really happens



Anonymous said...

"He told me to tell somebody's wife that they love them. I didn't write the name down though, oops."

OK. So family and friends are waiting for a bit of information about their loved ones and you can't write down the name of the husband who sent their love or the wife who should receive it! "Oops", you say. Certainly, you can do better. Why do we here about the guides summiting and not about clients with them.

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Alaska Mountaineering School and Denali Guiding said...

Anonymous - Thanks for your feedback!

Sometimes it gets really, really, really busy at the HQ and we are doing a lot of multitasking. You would not believe everything that RFG is doing at the HQ, I personally think it is amazing that he is able to do the daily BLOG entries. AMS helps with rescues, media, and private teams needing info, among other things, ON TOP of running our tight ship at AMS - it's not for the faint hearted, I'll tell you - I mean you've got to have a high altitude work ethic!

Regardless, we do take your comment to heart! And hey, if we are going to do the blog - let's do it right! I promise we will strive to be better at recording the messages from those in the field, especially for those personalized to loved ones back at home.

We will work on the summit teams too, although we don't usually know who has made the bid for the summit, and who has summited until long after the fact. We are happy when the guide calls in with the message that says they are safely back at high camp. We will spread the word about including as much as they can, and we'll post it when they call in.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,