Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th

Tom Egan resting at camp on Denali.

Tom, Dan, Brian and Merle made it into basecamp and assuming the temperatures aren't too warm they may be able to start traveling toward the base of ski hill this afternoon. According to their proposed itinerary, they would have spent 2 night in base camp doing a variety of classes. So they weren't planning on departing from base camp until this morning anyhow. So they are pretty much on schedule.

Greg Collins when he is not skiing or guiding in Alaska.

Greg Collins called and said that they were sitting in some decent weather this morning doing camp chores but that it was not as good everywhere around them. He was anticipating being able to get out of camp sometime today to climb up onto peak 12,472 to start checking out the route conditions to come. Because of the type of terrain on the horizontal ridge they need to have relatively good weather and visibility to head out there. The Sultana Ridge is more technical and less traveled than the West Buttress on Denali. So, while Tork's group was able to head up and make it up to 14K yesterday in poor visibility, Greg and the Foraker crew need better conditions. This is their 6th night in the thick heavy rimeey weather. If any group can do this it's this group.

Rumor has it that Kremer, Greg and Olivier are on their way up to high camp.

Kirsten Kremer at her other job. Long time Valdez Heli Ski Guide.



kmstier said...

If I could cross anything more I would. I'm so hoping that the weather clears and holds!! KC says 'woof' to Mark on his Foraker Quest

Anya said...

Those pics of Greg and Kirsten are cool. Very adventurous people. I feel like Christian is in good hands. Keep taking care of him. Check in when you can. Ciao'