Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9 Updates.

Tork called in from the top of Ski Hill while doing his carry. I didn't talk to him personally but he reported that all was good. They are right on schedule. The weather is looking perfect in the mountains today.

A climber following the "S Couloir" pitch on peak 11,300.

Tim and Daniel made it into the Range this afternoon. They are headed in to do some technical climbing on Mt. Danbeard and Peak 11,300 perhaps. They have 10 days of climbing ahead of them. They will not have any cell coverage from where they will be, so I do not plan on hearing too many updates from them.

This picture is looking up at Motorcycle Hill from 11K camp on what may be pretty similar weather to what Kirsten was experiencing yesterday.

Another guide friend of ours stopped by the office this afternoon. He just flew out from Denali this afternoon. He ran into Kirsten, Greg Runyan and Olivier early this morning while he was cruising through 11K camp. Yesterday they had tried to make a carry in fairly windy conditions. They ended up putting a cache in before Windy Corner. They may have tried to get their cache further up the mountain today. They are doing really well though, Zack said.

Putting in a cache short of "the Corner" could end up working in their favor actually. Many groups end up taking a rest day at 11K anyway. If they did not get very high on their first cache attempt, that will have served as somewhat of a rest day, but will be better for acclimatizing than just sitting idle in camp. I'm sure Kirsten and Greg are keeping Olivier pretty entertained hanging out in camp as they are two pretty engaging and interesting guides.

Our first 6 day Mountaineering Course of the season just flew into the mountains this afternoon as well. We generally do not here from our courses once they are out in the field 'cause they are usually too busy to go try to find cell reception anywhere. So I wouldn't expect any updates from them.



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Anya said...

Ooh, I love updates. This one is very detailed, thanks. Sounds like the weather is behaving up there.