Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Mountain of updates.

Here a group heads to the summit. Led by AMS guide Christian MArch.

Torkelson is heading for the summit today. The weather looks just like it did yesterday. They are in a bit of cloud up there, but the report for 14K a few minutes ago was that it didn't seem windy. Everyone is planning on higher winds starting tonight. Tom left camp with everyone this morning. He said he MIGHT call when they get back to camp, but if it's late he wouldn't call till the next day.

Kremer is at 14K and heading down in the next few hours. They are hanging out drying all there stuff and hydrating for the long trip out. They are going to cook up dinner at 11K and head out late night from there. They'll most likely do one final brew up at the base of Ski Hill and roll into base camp in the early morning hours. Wx permitting, we'll see them in Talkeetna tomorrow.

Here's Melis pulling down in Croatia.

Melis got her cell phone last night and she went to town with updates. I had to have one of the interns sit in front of the phone and keep hitting replay to get all the messages written down so I could post them. She said that's what we get for only giving her a cell phone battery and making her wait to get the phone body. Here is goes:

From Evan:, Tell Christine "I love her and miss her."

From John and Austin:,
1. "I didn't see anything about heat stroke in the hazards."
2. "ATT cell coverage sucks" [I could have told him that.]
3. Austin says something like: "milk was bad, it's so hot."
4 "14K was great, dogs and cats can live together, Jet black hair"
5. "Hugs and Kisses as appropriate."

From Bob Sherman:
, to Carol, Scott and Joe: "Great team, Great weather, hard work, great views, Happy 18th birthday Joe, love dad"

Johnny gives his love to Kelly and Logan, he is having an awesome time.

Melis said they are on their second night at 14K. They are getting installed and are in the process of bomb-proofing camp in anticipation of extreme high winds that are supposedly starting around midnight tonight. We'll see about that.

John Evans and Hugh Gaasch called in from the Pika and said they are doing awesome and having a great course. They are moving camp down glacier to do some rock climbing. Julia is also having a good course. She moved down glacier about 24 hours ahead of Hugh and Johns crew.



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