Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mt Foraker and May 6 Denali are in.

This is the Mt. Foraker crew. From Left to Right: Greg Collins, Matt Smith, Ken Seavey, Mark Stier, Craig Hanneman.

AMS guide Tom Torkelson diligently checks a team-member's equipment opening day to assure everything is just right.

"Denali 'Tork'" crew, posing just before their flight in to Kahiltna base camp.

There is one other private AMS Denali trip ahead of Tork's, led by Kirsten Kremer and Greg Runyan. They have one climber with them. His name is Olivier, he is super nice and looks to be very fit. Sorry, I didn't get any photos of them in town. They were delayed 1/2 of a day on the front end of their trip.

As soon as I get some updates I'll let you know. Just keep in mind that no news is good news.



Anya said...

It is so good to see a picture of the May 6 Denali group. Thank you for posting that. How often can we expect updates?

Eric Mersch said...

Good Luck Denali Tork crew - from missing member Eric Mersch. I'll be there next year.

Eric Mersch said...
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Alaska Mountaineering School and Denali Guiding said...

Knowing when we will get updates from the field is unpredictable at best. Some guides call in more often and they only have cell reception some of the time. Digital equipment can fail, so that is why I say, no news is good news. I'll update you all when ever i hear anything.


lynne said...

I think you are all crazy but I wish you the best of luck. Take care of my friend barb!